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A Thought process?!?

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So far I have outlined the study plan I follow and my hopes and dreams. To borrow a phase from Dan Heisman, the first adds positives and the second, to some extent, removes the negative influence of procrastination. But what has become clear to me is that adding more information and ideas has lead to an overload during games, I have wasted time on non-critical positions and then in won positions lacked the time to convert them.
So either my time management is not correct or, as I believe is the case, the thought process I use is. To call what I did last year a "thought" process would be going too far but I managed to add a fair amount of structure to it this season. Still it is clear that I am thinking too much about unimportant things, sometimes even after spending the time on my opponents clock doing the same thing.
A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link and I think this is currently the weakest link in my own "chess chain", when I knew relatively little about positional or strategic play then it was easy to construct a framework. Now the framework must allow for more conceptual material it is creaking and failing at times to find a good move or plan.
I plan to work on this for the next month in long games and see where this leads, one area I have already thought about is what to do on the opponents clock. In Weteschnik's Understanding chess tactics he talks about a status evaluation to see how the pieces on the board are in relation to each other. I think I will try to do this on their time and think more about the loftier plans, then use my time to calculate the candidates. In the last few weeks I have drifted off into dreamland on my move looking at silly plans, if i can cut this out then chess would be alot easier on my heart.

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